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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shifting my BLOG

Hi everyone,

I am shifting my blog to wordpress.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Two weeks ago, we went to visit the Pesta Tanglung and Bunga Api which has been the main attraction set up by the govt for three months in conjuctions with the Visit Malaysia 2007.The location is at Taiping. When you come in from Changkat Jering toll, it's somewhere near Simpang.

Check out the pictures below. You should bring your whole family here as it is very beautiful. Entrance fee is RM10 per adult. Children below 12 is free. During the weekdays, we can see all the cultural dances and acrobatic performance. During the weekend, they have the flying dragon. There are lotsa stalls selling souvenirs and crafts. There's a little fun fair too for the kids to enjoy some rides and games.

Those dinasours can move it's tail and head.

I had to stand on the mud to take this picture. "YUCK"

Some of the tanglung are on the tree

Shoe house
Little Egypt

I think this is "Nutcracker"

Little Eiffel Tower & a Pagoda

Little Putrajaya


Rumah Melayu

Little KLCC

Main Entrance
Lily Pond
I like this the most.

Acrobatic performanc

Malay Dance
Chinese Dance

One of the ride at the little funfair

There are a lot more to see but I am just too lazy to take pictures.Hehe..Some are too huge that it couldn't fit into my camera screen.Hehe..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby Plan Keeps Failing

It's been 6 mths now, hubby and I have been trying hard for our 2nd baby. For the last 2 mths, my gynae gave me fertility tablets and it's still not helping. I even called a bidan to the house to urut and failed.Today, I went to see my gynae again. He did a scan and told me that my ovaries are not stimulated properly. Which is why it's kinda hard to conceive.
He increased my dosage of medication to 3 tablets per day and asked me to go for a jab during my ovulations period which is on the 13th days. I do hope it works this time coz' when we tried for Keith, I never had this problem. 3 mths with the help fertility tablets, I conceived.Hai.......I am beginning to give up trying already coz' I intend to have it by this year or else, don't want anymore.Well...wish me luck everyone...............................

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Soooo "Sueh" lar Today

This morning, I drove to myself to work since hubby was busy. I went to work 15 mins early and thought of parking my car first before swipping in since lotsa cars were jammed at the front door coz' some of us starts work at 8.15am.
Today, I had to park quite far away from the building. Maybe because it was raining last nite and most of the operators drive to work. As I was walking towards my office building, my sandal gave way.Aaarrrrggggggghhhhh!!!!!!!! I cannot do anything to it because the whole part where I slipped my foot on came off. So, I had to walk to my car with one side barefoot. I was already halfway walking and had to turn back and drive home. Luckily, no one was around to see me walking without one side of my sandal and I wasn't wearing high heels or else I'll be limping while walking.Hahaha...Normally, I had a pair of slipper in the car but hubby took it out and never put it back in the car.
So, I had to call my colleague to come down and help me to swipe my card and then drive back home to change my sandal. Luckily, my house is about 10-15 mins drive from the office. If I were to stay in K.L., die lar...Sure have to take half day off.Hehe....Too early also no shoe shop is open.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tag: 6 Weird Things About Myself
Aiyoh...So long never kena tag liau. This time kena from Sue..

1. I can sleep without a pillow underneath my head but I must hug something and sleep or else I'll feel so empty.

2. I don't like to eat alone. I felt silly eating alone. I'd rather not eat if I am alone.Haha..coz' I like to chit chat while I eat.

3. Same as Sue. I like to buy stationeries and keep since I was young. So heartache wanna use coz' so nicelah, cutelah, unique lah, etc.Even now I've been collecting it for my kids. Keith has a drawer full of stationeries and so as Ruby.Hehehe...Whenever I go overseas, I'll search for stationeries.Haha...

4. I cannot eat nor drink bitter food. Anything bitter enter my mouth, I'll either get choke or vomit. I remembered once I had diarrhoe and went to a chinese Sinseh. He gave me 16 packets of chinese powdered herbs and made me drink one in the shop. It took me one hour to drink and I only had a few sips. The sinseh even gave me some asam (stand by in case I vomit).Seeing me suffering and drinking, he cut down from 16 to 12 and then to 8 and at last change to charcoal tablets for me.Hahaha....

5. I have the habit of taking of my slipper/shoes/etc whenever I sit in the car. Once, I left one of my slipper outside the car and went out for dinner. When I reached the destination, I search high and low for my slipper. Went back and saw my slipper on the car porch.Hahaha..

6. Same a Sue, I can keep eating the same dish or food over and over again and never get bored of it. Whenever hubby ask me what I wanna have for dinner, I'll say the same thing. He'll get so fed up..

Now, I want to tag someone. Need to know how weird these people are

3.Hui Sia,

Friday, March 16, 2007

Expired Peanuts (Continue)

I went back home and asked my maid last nite what did MIL do to the peanuts. My maid said she distributed it to her grandchildren and my greedy daughter was munching on it too and offered some to my maid. MIL even gave a packet to my maid. I was so pissed when I heard that. So, I told my maid that it's expired and she got a shock. I am really sick and tired of this old lady (*%@#&*) and I am really loosing my patients. Whatever bad things that she's doing and I tell her in a very nice way not to do it, but still she'll do it. I think she'll only learn her lesson when one of her children or grandchildren get admitted in the hospital.
I don't know what is wrong with this bloody old lady. I told my husband that if my mom was still around, I don't think she'll be that silly. I was so angry that I really felt like crying. She betrayed me by doing it behind my back when I told her not to do so. I really really cannot stand this old lady already. She's driving me nuts. If I were to scold her, everyone will say that I am a bad DIL who bully her own MIL. But people won't understand what I am going through. Sometimes, I really wish my mom was still around to help me take care of my son. Inside me, I am really suffering and just couldn't take it anymore....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Expired Peanuts

Today, I was kinda annoyed with my MIL. I went back home for lunch and found packets of MAS peanuts on the dining table. To my surprised, it was all expired (27/02/2006). My daughter came to the kitchen and I told her not to eat those peanuts coz' it's expired. Ruby told me that her grandma (my MIL) said each of the get a packet each. I was so shocked that she actually ask her grandchildren and children to eat those expired peanuts. What kind of grandma/mother/MIL is this.Worse still, my SIL who's pregnant had 2 packets of those expired peanuts. Don't tell me she's so silly to eat those expired peanuts when she knows it's expired.
She should be throwing those peanuts away instead of giving it to the grandchildren and children to eat. I don't care whether she hate me or not but went and told her that those peanuts has already expired and it's not good to eat. It will lead to food poisoning. She answered me that the peanuts are still hard and can be eaten. I just told her to throw it away as it is bad for health.
I do hope she don't feed my son and daughter when I came back to the office. I am sick and tired of her attitude. I told hubby about it and he just shook his head. I even told him to go and have a look later and tell his mom off if the peanuts are still on the dining table.